Leah Lovett

Leah Lovett is an artist who works collaboratively to make performances, videos, drawings, writings and workshops that explore the socialising fictions played out between people in cities and across mediated space. Her work borrows from other disciplines and cultural forms including human geography, music and theatre. Leah is a founder member of art collective TRIPOD, and works as a freelance writer and an arts educator in gallery, higher education and school contexts.


Lizzy Jordan

Lizzy Jordan creates Minumental artwork that explores how humans perceive extremes of scale.

Minumental: working with small things to create something that is monumental in feeling or scale.

Her work takes the form of kinetic light projections that combine micro sculpture, macro photography, kinetic sculpture and projection. All works play with perception allowing viewers to imagine and create alternative readings of space.

The works are site specific and have existed in unusual architectural spaces; medieval vaults, an 18th century folly, mansions and a yurt. 


Jon Orlek

Jon is researching artist-led live/work housing with East Street Arts and the University of Huddersfield. As part of this research he is using embedded ethnographic methods to understand the value of long term artist residencies. Jon is also part of Studio Polpo, a social enterprise architecture collective in Sheffield. With Studio Polpo Jon has undertaken a number of projects investigating shared living and alternative models for housing and helped to deliver commissions for The Tetley gallery and Bloc Projects which playfully explore the connections between art and architecture.




Alex Tobin

Alex is an interdisciplinary artist working most frequently with integrations

of software and internet art with performance and physical objects. His practice incorporates elements of experimental animation, programming, performance and music. He studied in Edinburgh and Kyoto, and has exhibited and performed at venues across Scotland including CCA, DCA, Tramway and Summerhall. He is currently a committee member of Dundee-based arts collective Yuck ’n Yum. And works as a festival programmer for Aesthetica Magazine.


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