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WAIR 11: Makers Meeting

The format for the exhibition; artist exhibiting in a room each with WAIR participants pairing with an artist.  T and R considered the ceramics found both in the reservoir and those found when the Rangers Lodge were doing building work 5 years ago (staffordshire blue c. 1820 – 1840).  It was agreed that we would collectively create contemporary designs illustrating key moments from the estates history, that would be executed as a collaborative effort with a professional ceramisist.  Lizzy, T R and A will complete the glazing of 6/7 plates to be unstalled in the top floor of P Folly.  The artist partner would be Jon Orlek, who is completing work on mapping the reservoir and its use.

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WAIR  10: Conviction in the Concept

Conviction in the Concept saw a shift in our WAIR workshops from a skills focus to exploring concept. Participants began to develop their  ideas and understanding of how artwork ‘works’ in both design and content.  Splicing, pairing and presenting images, mixed with a return to Lino Print.  Two members also shared finds collected through beach-combing on the reservoir when the tide was low. We managed to ascertain that they had found staffordshireware, 18th century flasks and some asbestos (disposed of safely!).  We began to draw eleents of the pottery design to familiarise ourselves with the objects and to understand how we might produce a contemporary work from them.

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WAIR 9: Docu-Tour

Photographic walking tour of the Estate using Macro and portrait photography.  Participants also brought their own camera equip to capture repeating patterns, nature/ man-made juxtapositions and changing weather.  Copious Source materials gathered – many participants had not explored the reservoir in depth, nor the Icknield Port Loop.


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WAIR 8: Trip to the Capitol

We traveled  to London with 5 WAIR members and artist Lizzy Jordan to see the Gursky blockbuster at the Hayward Gallery, Southbank.  The show did not disappoint; stunning large scale photography, seemless presentation and considered curation stimulated intense debate among the group.  We also stopped by two small commercial galleries to see 2d works and sound installation in a more achievable scale; Tamar Harpaz; Crazy Delay at Edel Assanti Gallery and Thomas Bang, states of discontinuity at Fold Gallery There was agreement that Bang’s work demonstrated sensibility and consideration of material, but did not encourage further investigation of artist or work.  Harpaz’s installation was fun and interesting in composition, but the playfulness of the work would have been increased if the noises were activated by presence of humans – allowing discovery and delight, rather than being on a loop.  We also tried out the Re. Future DSLR – none of the members had used a DSLR and enjoyed playing with composition and depth of field.

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WAIR 7: Making Links with Lino Print

Lino printing using natural forms – engagement high – attendees referenced the eco-system at the Reservoir or used abstract content.  Request to repeat session.

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WAIR 6: Curate the Estate | Saturday 18th Feb | The Edgbaston Park Rangers Lodge |

Event Description: Participants worked together as an exhibition team to put together a hypothetical blockbuster show on the Waterworks Estate.

We split into two groups and curated two shows at Perrott’s Folly:

Team Yayoi Kusama.

Venue: Perrott’s Folly

Artists: Robert Irwin, Olifur Eliasson, Rachel Adams, Daniel Buren (Courtyard), Yayoi Kusami (Stairwell) Donald Judd.

Room Three, ‘The Lie-down den’. Curation:  | CEILING: Ophelia (Millais) | WALLS: Death of Chatterton (Henry Wallis), Pose Works for Plinths (Bruce McClean), Bash (Paolozzi), Waterlillies (Monet) |

Room Four, ‘Blue Room’. Curation: | WALLS: IKB  (Yves Klein), Monument for V. Tatlin (Dan Flavin),

Room Five,  TBC

Room Six, TBC.

Roof, ‘The Draw’ | Your Rainbow Panorama (Olafur Eliasson)|

Curation: Use Eliasson’s brightly coloured installation at the top of Perrott’s Folly as a signal to the local populous that something is going on in the tower.  Tower is experienced as a linear journey.  Team YK wanted to ease people into the space; climbing the Folly is tiring.  Ideal audience; anyone and everyone.

Team Mondrian:

Venue: Perrott’s Folly

Curation: This team had considered the artist selection but had not arranged the artworks into room.  Their selection was made according to the work’s relationship to both each other and the Waterworks Estate.

Work 1: | IKB (Yves Klein); Yves Klein Blue explores ideas of ownership – it’s ridiculous to copy-right a colour, which makes you think about other things that are copy-righted (Taylor Swifts – Taylor Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now) and whether colour copy-righting is so ridiculous after all.  this led us to think about Anish Kapoor and ‘VantaBlack’ – the blackest black fith exclusive use being to Anish Kapoor.  Alex told us of the artist Stuart Sample that in response copy-righted the worlds ‘pinkest pink’ to everybody apart from Anish Kapoor.

Work 2: Pier (Mondrian); ‘the abstraction of waves is not immediately obvious, but when you hear the title you understand what the artist was referencing.  This ties into the Edgbaston Reservoir, which is a large body of water in an inner-city setting which used to have a boating pier of sorts at the turn of the 20th century.

Work 3: Cornish Slate Ellipse (Richard Long), to be shown with Mondrian’s Pier. Both images reference the elements and are composed as ovals.

Work 5: Obliteration Room (Yayoi Kusama), to be shown in one of the rooms mid-way up the tower. an installation that changes across the time period of the exhibition.  An interactive way to get people involved.

Work 6: Roden Crater (James Turrell), installed verticaly up the stairwell of Perrott’s Folly.  The installation will change your whole perspective of how you travel up the stairs of Perrott’s Folly.

Work 7: Parapillar (David Batchelor), colourful and tactile, invites the audience to come in and move it.  The objects selected are humourous – fly swatters and egg cups.

Work 8: Test Site (Carsten  Höller), a fun way to exit the tower by turning it into a giant helter-skelter.

Artist Facilitator; Alex Tobin and Lizzy Jordan

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WAIR 5: Experimenting with Drawing | Saturday 17th Feb | The Edgbaston Park Rangers Lodge |

Event Description: The third drawing workshop in which we created quick 1 minute drawings, drawings from memory, drawing on/with different materials, all inspired by the Waterworks Estate.  Half the group worked from artefacts from the Edgbaston Park Rangers archive such as clay pipes, 19th/ 20th central porcelain, bird skulls found whilst beach combing the reservoir at low tide.  The second half of the group continued work with screen-printing.  A number of participants had developed designs at home independently that they screen-printed in the session.  It has been really fantastic to see participants really use the sessions to their best advantage. Artist Facilitator, Alex Tobin and Lizzy Jordan

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WAIR 4: Pencil_Print_Cut_Paste | Saturday 28th Jan | The Edgbaston Park Rangers Lodge |

Event Description: The second drawing workshop in which we created multi-media drawings inspired by the Waterworks Estate. Participants developed screen printing techniques learn in the previous session to include two colours in their work.  Images sourced from the Edgbaston Park Rangers image archive; Roach, Perrott’s Folly.  One participant brought in designs drawn at home which they wanted to develop using print media.  Half the group experimented with graphite medium and collage to draw  their visions of the estate. Artist Facilitator; Lizzy Jordan

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WAIR 3:  Pencil _Glue_Paper_Print | Saturday 16th Dec| The Edgbston Park Rangers Lodge |

Event Description: Drawing workshop in which we created multi-media drawings inspired by the Waterworks Estate. Participants tried basic screen printing techniques, work with graphite medium and collage to draw  their visions of the estate. Artist Facilitator; Lizzy Jordan

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WAIR 2: Doing We Differently | Sat 18th November | The Edgbaston Park Rangers Lodge |

Event Description: Leah Lovett in producing a hand-printed guide of the most important places and spaces on the Waterworks Estate, as viewed by you! Come and try mono-printing and collograph printing and contribute your page to the guide. At the end of the session participants will be able to take away their own bespoke guide to the area, to keep, use and distribute as they see fit.

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WAIR 1: An Invitation to Lunch | Sat 14th October | The Edgbaston Park Rangers Lodge |

Event Description: An Invitation to Lunch saw old and new faces attend; – a local family that come to Art Pad, Volunteers, artists, arts organisations, passers – by and one family that used to go to the Youth Club at the Church of the Redeemer.  This is the Youth Club Lizzy Jordan volunteered at when she first arrived in Birmingham.  It in fact inspired her to work to make Arts Provision for Young People in the area – another story for another day.

We had great stories from ‘D’ of the Tower Ball-Room’s ‘ jacket or no entry’ policy.  If you didn’t turn up suitably turned out, you had to borrow a jacket and pay £2 to put it back in the cloakroom.
‘T’, a local resident, told us of Mrs Sammons shop which used to be next to Perrott’s Folly where the Karis Medical Practive Car Park now stands.  T has been on the estate since 1979 and told us how the houses opposite P. Folly on Waterworks Road were born.
Many told us they came to the Reservoir and found it meditative – the water and scenery blew away the stresses of life.
We also found a coconut.  Puzzled, our attendees told us that they also saw coconuts in the Birmingham Mainline Canal pretty frequently.  Being surrounded by architects, a coconut shy was produced, with ‘Da’ being heralded as the coca-shy champ.

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